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Our Tech Tips started out as notes we saved for ourselves so that we could quickly recall how we accomplished something. But since we have benefited from code that others have shared, we decided to clean up our notes and share them with others.

Many of our tech tips are derivatives of ideas from others that we have modified for our purposes. In some cases, we have combined ideas from multiple people. We’ve attempted to attribute the authors of the ideas we’ve adapted. But in some cases, we can’t locate the original source of our inspiration. If you spot something of yours where we haven’t credited you, please kindly inform us so that we can rectify the situation.

Please note, we use WordPress exclusively as our development platform and most often incorporate Elegant Theme’s Divi.

Clickable Columns in Divi

Sometimes you want to make an entire column clickable in Divi. All you need to do is add a button the the bottom of the column and restyle it using CSS to: Make the button transparent Expand the button to cover the entire column Example Normal Column with Text, Image...

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Add CTA Button to Divi Default Header

Often a client will want a call-to-action button in the header of the website. Often they want their phone number in a big green button (or Call Now!) or sometimes a Request a Quote button. This can be done using Divi's Secondary Menu (which adds a thin menu at the...

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Divi Animations List

Elegant Theme's Divi comes with the 18 built-in animations. Divi allows you to apply limited numbers of them in a few places (images, submenu items and elsewhere). But with a little CSS magic they can be applied just about anywhere. See our article Use All 18 Divi...

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