Elegant Theme’s Divi comes with the 18 built-in animations. Divi allows you to apply limited numbers of them in a few places (images, submenu items and elsewhere). But with a little CSS magic they can be applied just about anywhere.

See our article Use All 18 Divi Built-In Animations Anywhere for details. You can view examples of these on our Divi’s 18 Built In Animations Demo page.

Divi Animations

These keyframes are defined in Divi’s style.css file:

  • fadeBottom
  • fadeLeft
  • fadeRight
  • fadeIn
  • fadeInBottom
  • fadeInLeft
  • fadeInRight
  • fadeTop
  • fadeInTop
  • fadeOutBottom
  • fadeOutLeft
  • fadeOutRight
  • fadeOutTop
  • flipInX
  • flipInY
  • gridFadeIn
  • Grow
  • slideWidth
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